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Installation Of Hydraulic Tank
Oct 30, 2018

According to the installation location of the different can be divided into the upper, side and the lower type. The top-mounted tank puts the hydraulic pump and other devices on the upper cover plate with good rigidity, which has the advantages of compact structure and wide application.

In addition, it can also cast a fin on the tank casing to enhance the cooling effect, that is to improve the service life of the hydraulic pump. Side-mounted tank is the hydraulic pump and other devices installed next to the fuel tank, covers a large area, but the installation and maintenance are very convenient, usually in the system flow and tank capacity is large, especially when a tank for more than one hydraulic pump for oil use.

Because the oil level of side-mounted fuel tank is higher than that of hydraulic pump, it has better oil absorption effect.

The bottom-mounted tank is a hydraulic pump placed under the tank, not only for easy installation and maintenance, but also greatly improved the suction capacity of the hydraulic pump.

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