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Safety Requirements For Operation Of Soil-coagulation Machinery Operators
Oct 30, 2018

1. Mixed transport vehicle operators must undergo safety technical training, assessment and obtain the competent authority issued by the Certificate of qualification certificate. 2. Operators must be physically fit.

Those who suffer from diseases and mental disorders that hinder safe operation shall not operate mechanical equipment.

3. The operation should observe or patrol the machinery, surrounding personnel and environmental conditions, may not leave the post without permission. 4. The operator must wear safety protective equipment as required.

Long hair should not be exposed during homework, female workers should wear work cap. 5. Do not arbitrarily dismantle mechanical equipment lighting, signals, meters, alarms and protective devices.

The safety protection device shall be inspected and adjusted according to the prescribed cycle.

6. Mechanical equipment exposed transmission mechanism, rotating parts and high temperature, live parts should be installed protective enclosures and other security facilities and with obvious safety warning signs.

7. Mechanical operation is strictly forbidden to contact the running parts, repair and maintenance operations.

8. Machinery must comply with the relevant regulations of the Traffic Management department when driving on the road. 

9. Before passing through the bridge, the bridge's carrying capacity should be understood, and the safety can be passed at low speed. Urgent steering and emergency braking on the deck are strictly forbidden.

You must pay attention to the high limit before passing the arch, and confirm the safety before passing.

10. Before the self-type mechanical operation, must carry on the inspection, the braking, the steering, the signal and the safety device should be complete and effective. 

11. Do not park horizontally when the ramp is down. When parked vertically, it is necessary to block the cover, and the work device on the ground auxiliary braking, confirm the brake reliable, the operator can leave.The rainy season should be parked mechanically on a solid ground with higher topography.

12. Mechanical operation, personnel shall not up and down machinery. 

13. The mechanical equipment in the power station, the substation, the distribution room and so on near the operation, must not enter the danger area. When working near a HV line, the distance between the machine body and the working device movement trajectory from the HV wire shall conform to the following table.

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