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Selection Of Hydraulic Tank
Oct 30, 2018

The main role of hydraulic tank in hydraulic system is oil storage, heat dissipation, separating the air contained in the oils and eliminating the foam.

Select the tank first to consider its capacity , the general mobile equipment to take the maximum flow of two or three times the pump, fixed equipment to take four to three times; second, consider the oil level of the fuel tank, when all the hydraulic cylinder out of the tank oil surface must not be lower than the minimum oil level, when the oil cylinder retraction oil surface is not higher than the maximum oil level; The diaphragm in the traditional tank does not act as a sediment, and a vertical partition should be installed along the oil tank longitudinal axis.

This partition one end and the fuel tank end plate between the space between the two partitions, the hydraulic pump in and out of the oil port is arranged on both sides of the bulkhead, so that the distance between the oil and oil return, the hydraulic tank more heat dissipation effect.

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